September 16, 2022

Operating a successful retail property requires a keen focus on the sales performance of the retailers and F&B and entertainment operators. Rentals charged must reflect a relationship between the revenue generated and sales.  Charging excessive rents can put a shop out of business while at the same time, charging too little is commercially unsound.​ ​At McARTHUR Retail Development Specialists we recommend a clear assessment of sales and rent potential of each project. We also believe in understanding the competition and the market rents is very important to navigating a successful retail development.​ ​* What is the competition charging?  ​* What is the spending potential of the catchment area?​* Which new shops are openings and what shops have had closures in the region?​ ​McARTHUR Retail Development Specialists recommends a comprehensive study to find indicative rental rates (anchor, flagship, line shop, F&B, entertainment) and vacancy rate of the top competition in operating city/country at least once every year.​ ​Our expert consultants operating in different regions across the globe have first-hand knowledge of leasing rates in their respective markets. Speak with us today to make sure you are not operating your mall with unrealistically high rent expectation or leasing yourself short.​